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Ina Garten Said She’s Excited To Have Friends Over For Dinner And Already Knows What She’ll Make Them


Like many of us, Ina Garten misses safely hanging out with her friends. During the pandemic, she's been spending her time alone at home with her husband Jeffrey and has even filmed her show Barefoot Contessa on her own. Fortunately, Ina and her friends will soon be fully vaccinated, she shared in an Instagram post, and she's already planning what she'll make for them at their next gathering.

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"I’m so excited to start thinking about having my friends for dinner again!!! (Once they’re vaccinated!!) I miss them so much," Ina wrote in an Instagram post. As for what's on the menu when they can all reunite? A fresh take on a classic pasta dish, Ina's very own Spring Green Spaghetti Carbonara from her latest cookbook Modern Comfort.

Modern Comfort focuses on bringing new life to classic comfort foods, and for her carbonara dish, she uses the same rich cheeses with fresh vegetables like asparagus, peas, and snow peas to add a crunch. Of course, any pasta dish pairs well with wine: "Plus a nice chilled glass of Chablis and I think my guests will be very happy!" Ina wrote in her post.

Fingers crossed I score an invite to her first post-vaccination gathering because I want to try out this Spring Green Carbonara. The picture makes it look divine! If not though, I guess I'll just have to pick up my copy of Modern Comfort and make it for myself. That's the next best thing.

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